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Equipment Safety Demonstration

We pride ourselves on using top-quality LARP weapons from the renowned Canadian company Calimacil. These exceptional foam weapons are not only durable and safe but also incredibly realistic. With Calimacil equipment, we can organize large-scale games without requiring costly additional safety gear.

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Got questions? We're here to help!

Got questions?
We're here to help!

LAMBS Games are safer than soccer! We stress safety in our games and have a Safety Scroll to refer to before the start of each session. The equipment we use is top quality LARP gear and is heavily tested. Watch our safety demonstration video above for more detail on the equipment we use.

LAMBS games are energy intensive, so bringing a water bottle is highly recommended. Other then that, a few light snacks, that will not get your fingers sticky, might be a consideration. If you ware glasses, putting in contacts and leaving your glasses at home is recommended. We also suggest showing up in clothes that are free from additional zippers and buttons and that you are ok with getting dirty and grass stained. Finally, leave your bracelets, necklaces, rings and other assessors at home. They can easily get lost during our games and also can damage our equipment.

You can contact us and we will make arrangements for you to join a make up session during a different day of the week.

You will be added to a campaigns roster and be able to attend weekly LAMBS gaming sessions for the summer. Furthermore, as a registered participant you will be allegeable to win your very own Calimacil Blade on the final session of the Campaign.

Of course! If you acquire a few LARP swords you can dual your friends and family whenever you want. Just remember to play fair, take your hits properly, control your strikes and have fun! If you don’t have enough LARP weapons for everyone you can organize mini tournaments, or have the winner or loser switch out.

Write us in our contact form about the situation and let us know about your desire to play and your schedule. Maybe we can work something out.