Welcome to LAMBS Games!

LAMBS is a non-profit that host fast paced medieval games suitable for all ages. We focus on creating a safe environment for exciting rough play. We’ve known that rough play is an important part of human development for a long time know. And, it’s value and necessity has recently been acknowledged by the government! We are tired of modern sports. Soccer, hockey, basketball and other sports are great, but they lack some of the key aspects that make LAMBS so beneficial.

LAMBS stands for Live-Action Medieval Battle Society. We design, organize and host fast paced Live-Action medieval games. LAMBS Games is found at the intersection between Sport and Theatre! The way we play and instruct builds and strengthens our participants characters in so many positive and wholesome ways, it’s hard to keep track of it all. However, a couple quick benefits include:

LAMBS is a nonprofit with the mission to bring our Live-Action Gaming experience to an ever growing audience. There is something magical about the effect our games have on people. Something from deep within bubbles to the surface when a person is handed their first sword. It can be seen on their faces and in their wide eyes and excitement. What we offer is completely unique from any other medieval experience and we are excited to share it with you and the world!

LAMBS is not LARP, HEMA, or any kind of historical reenactment group. LAMBS strives to offer the most affordable and accessible live medieval play experience ever created. There is no equipment cost or time commitment to developing a character. LAMBS is all about jumping stright into the experience! Come learn how we play and join in the epic excitement! It’s fun, good exercise and safer then soccer!

Interested in a Spring after School Program in your area?!

Answer the Banner Call. Banner Calls were used in the Middle Ages to gather troops and prepare for a battle! Today, LAMBS uses them to assess the interest in our games and choose where to host our programs. Clicking the “Get Involved” button will bring you to our present Banner Call and allow you to respond to our call!

A Quick Overview on LAMBS Equipment, Safety, & Play Style.

Benefits Of LAMBS

You might be asking yourself… “What can playing with swords do for me and/or my Child?”