Lambs - Spring Banner Call!

In the medieval world, during times of war, Lords and Kings would call upon their loyal subjects to assist in military actions. Wether to defend or conquer, a banner call would be made to all nobles under a King or High Lord. This process could take weeks or months, as messengers gallop across country with scrolls and spoken messages. Then, lesser lords would send out messengers to gather troops in a  similar style. 

LAMBS has decided to use this medieval terminology to decide where we host a few after school programs! We need to know where the most interest is on the sunshine coast. 

Answering a Banner Call is easy. Select your location from the list of provided. Fill out a form, or two or three… One per person. 

We also accept and encourage parents to join our games. Come participate as powerful support characters! As an adult, You have a huge advantage in speed, strength, knowledge, skills and reach. So, you’ll play important roles in games that call for Strong Leaders and Courageous Warriors, Sly Wizards and Magical Healers.

We are looking for the most excited communities on the Sunshine Coast to host after school Medieval Games, Starting after spring break, tell the start of summer break. The Banner Call is to see where the most interest is before offering our program.

The Sunshine Coast: Banner Call Where do you Hale from?

Where do you hale from? 

Fill out 1 form per person! Thanks!

So, if you have two kids and also want to join as a powerful support character, You fill out 3 forms. 2 for the kids and 1 for yourself.

Ok? Great! Thanks 🙂

Langdale Elementary: Banner Call

To all able bodied Men, Woman and Children. A Call to Arms has been issued for the Lower The Sunshine Coast. Langdale has the opportunity to host our games if enough interest is shown. Our after school program will be open to all ages and parents. We believe there is great value in having kids of all ages interacting and learning to play respectfully and safely together. We are looking to have classes with at least 20 participants. And, charging $20 a class. Signing up siblings and/or joining that class as a support player can qualify you for a reduced rate. We are looking to offer a 12 week program, So budget for $240

LAMBS would like to offer Langdale Elementary After School Classes this spring.
But, first we need to understand the interest and commitment level of the community.
This form is a tool for us to build a greater understanding of who might be joining us.
Please fill it out and we will be in touch when we have our fall schedule and locations set.

Langdale Banner Call