LAMBS understands that sometimes you may need to cancel, as such the following options are available to you.

Canceling a Single SESSION Day

Once the Campaign has begun, if you need to cancel a session and do so with 48 hrs notice, you may be eligible for a Make-up Day. We offer Make-up Days as a way to help you with unforeseen circumstances and they can be scheduled for any day that LAMBS gaming sessions are being held (depending on availability and age). You can take advantage of 2 Make-up Days per Campaign. These must be used by the end of the Campaign**.

Canceling your Whole CAMPAIGN

If you’re not satisfied with our program after the first gaming session, we offer a money-back guarantee for the following sessions, however, information about the cancellation must be 48 hours before the second session.


LAMBS reserves the right to cancel a session up to 48 hrs prior to the start date in the event there are insufficient numbers or an instructor is sick. Sessions run with a minimum of three participants per instructor.

Last updated: on July 7th, 2023