LAMBS - Banner Call

Banner Calls were used in the medieval times to assemble great armies to defend or conquer territories. LAMBS has decided to use this terminology to understand what communities have the most interest and where we should invest our resources and energy. As a non-profit we have severely limited funds for marketing and thus will NEED YOUR HELP spreading the word within your communities. We strive to bring this amazing experience to the world! However, for this to catch on, we need to assure quality and safety above all else. Thus, LAMBS prefers to spend our limited funds on capable instructors, safe and durable equipment, insurance and adequate venues.

Current Banner Call - The Sunshine Coast

LAMBS is interested in offering after school programs from after spring break to the start of summer. The coming 12 weeks could be a very exciting experience for some lucky kids on the Sunshine Coast.

BE INFORMED: For us to consider offering after school games to your community, a minimum of 20 players must answer the banner call, in your area. So make some calls and rally your friends!